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A platform to help people to expand and apply their awareness. 

Applying Awareness is a brand I created to share my journey of becoming aware of the internal and systematic causes and effects that shape our lives. I want to find actions and practical strategies to improve ones self and society based on science, self-awareness, and spirituality. I’m currently working on the current season, Society and Politics. I plan to expand it to sell merchandise, eBooks, and other resources that plant seeds of awareness, empowerment, and positive action.

I created a brand, visual identity, custom built website, content strategy, and weekly content on 3 social media platforms for this podcast. Here’s the in-depth walkthrough of my process: 

Note: I didn’t have as much experience when I created this brand, so there will be lessons pointed out along the way. 

Brand Identity

I wanted to create a movement that was focused on societal improvement through self improvement. A place where people could ask big questions and get answers that were practical enough to incorporate into their daily lives.


A podcast for expanding your awareness and applying it to your life to make it more purposeful and fulfilling.

Pro tip: Make your tagline shorter than that one.


In the Applying Awareness podcast, I delve into the causes and effects that shape our internal state as well as the state of society, then apply that knowledge or awareness of the causes and effects to drive positive action. I do this by diving into the realms of psychology, nutrition, agriculture, spirituality, politics, entrepreneurship, industry, and more.

This is on podcast feeds and guides my ever-varying explanation of the podcast when I talk to people. It’s nice to have a guide for that. Trust me.

Brand Goals

  • Spread knowledge that empowers people to take steps forward in their personal development.
  • Clarify confusing aspects of society and reality.

I wanted to develop myself and figure out what the hell is going on in this world. 

Differentiation Strategy

Applying Awareness’s focus lies at the connection between the individual and society. Most programs focus in on one main topic, but in Applying Awareness I strive to connect topics like politics and spirituality. Living at the intersection of different topics allows a fresh, unique approach to each topic. 

*2 Chainz Voice* I’m different, yeah I’m different.

Anyways… Brand Goals+Differentiation strategy are the secret sauce that allow you to consistently stand out in the things you produce. 

Content Strategy

The nature of the Brand Identity meant there was going to be A LOT of possible content ideas. I ended up choosing seven topic clusters that fit these characteristics:

1. Somthing I was interested in.

2. Something that was essential to personal development.

3. Something that helped people understand how society works.

Self interest, differentiation strategy, and goals at work!

Visual Identity


I wanted to keep the fonts simple and clear, so I used a single font family. The intention of this was to draw the readers attention to the content. I chose Avenir as the family because of it’s modern, stylish look and readability.

Avenir Bold

Avenir Book


I crafted the color palette to reveal the depth of content in the podcast. The deep blue and green set the tranquil state in which insight is discovered. The electric green intends to initiate the burst of energy that occurs when insight is put into action. It represents the “Applying” part of Applying Awareness.

Logo/Cover Art

I wanted the logo to be simple, recognizable, and direct. The logo represents a moment of significant discovery, a moment that I hope to spark across many minds. The aspirational intention of the logo kept my motivation up. It helped me get back to my purpose in creating the podcast in times of doubt. It also looks pretty dope on a shirt.





Engagement Rate

And this is just getting started 😉